Hybrid Street Lighting System

Managed by TAMBCO United Nigeria Limited, it started off as a pilot project for Lagos State Government. This pilot project consisted of lighting the ETB Park at Alausa, Lagos State.

This system is a solution provider to all areas suffering from lack of street lights. The system is each time tailor made to the customer's requirements as every location where lights are to be installed is unique due to its surroundings (buildings, trees, open landscape, etc.). 

TUNL provides the following services:

ETB Park opposite Lagos State House of Assembly

This is the site designated by lagos State Government for the pilot project.

It consisted of installing Hybrid Street Lighting Systems with single light heads.

The system is composed of state of the art technology with parts coming from Belgium, France, Holland and China.




The ETB Park is 136m x 42m and required the installation of 8 Hybrid Street Lighting Systems.

These systems use both solar and wind power as  source of energy. They work together and when one is not providing energy due to climate situations the other takes over. For example, during the raining season, there is very little sunshine but alot of wind. Therefore, it is the aeolian that will be the main source of energy supply to the system.    





During night time when the lights are on, the aeolian continues to function and becomes the main source of power supply. On the other hand, the solar panels only charge up during the day. Therefore, using both sources of energy allows the batteries to charge up day and night.

The light bulbs used are LED lights. These lights require very little maintenance and are long lasting.

They also light up the area enough to be able to read in complete darkness. Making it ideal for people to enjoy the park after the sun is down.




The end result is a park with street lights that are completely independent from the main grid and provide light throughout the night adding an element of security and encouraging people to use the park with their friends and loved ones.





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