M&V Creations Europe Ltd is a company with social, environmental and economical objectives. It created its wholly owned subsidiary M&V Creations Nigeria Ltd with its main office in Lagos. Together they put up a development project that looks at creating high quality jewellery and hiring African women from Poverty Street who are the ones making the jewellery. The objective is to empower these women both socially and economically. Through continuous training and monitoring, we can assure top quality jewellery items with special attention to the finishing. 

Our Collection

Amina's is our brand name. It comes from an ancient African queen who lived in Hausaland in the northern part of Nigeria back in the 16th Century. Amina represents every woman around the world and our collection of unique jewellery models. Our website is under construction but you can already view and buy models on  or contact us at  for a catalogue & price list.

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Our Project

We started our project on a small scale as we are continuously looking for funds. Our jewellery prototypes are continuously created in Europe with the production based in Lagos, Nigeria.

So far, we have 50 women from Poverty Street that are ready to work for us. We call them craftswomen. We are busy dealing with Micro Financing institutions to help these women get the correct equipment and tools in order to do their work safely and comfortably.

With  the help of Lagos State Government, more precisely the Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation (WAPA), community centres have been put to our disposal as a main place of work for our craftswomen.

Community Centre in Lagos, Nigeria

Our social responsibility goes further...

M&V Creations looks at helping out dying communities in Africa to start of with but aims to conduct its search for communities that practice an ancient craft throughout the world in time.

The Bida Community

The Bida community is a community in Nigeria. They handmake beads from recycled glass using ancient egyptian methods. All sorts of things can be produced from these glass beads, Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, decorative home accessories, and many more.

The beads made can be in all colours and of all sizes.


Samples of Amina's jewellery


        Made of Cornelian and silver Sterling from Bali          


           King of Festac

Made of egg stone beads, coconut discs

Ethiopian Silver beads & King of Festac pendant


                                                                   Made of Maritanian Copal beads, Bida beads, Brass beads & pendant


Our Website

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